Wednesday, 21 February 2018

This weeks painting challenge entry

A few projects have been started but nothing finished to show off until these guys.

This week i present some 15mm goody's.

First up 2 anti aircraft guns from Forged in battle.

These are early/mid-war 88mm guns, which i painted the gun tractors for 2 years ago.
 Very nice sculpts with excellent detail and very little if any flash, i do however recommend using a good quality undercoat on the resin parts.
They have been left languishing in the lead pile as i already have a brace of 88's painted in this scale.

Next up are the neglected Airmobile infantry from Battlefront for the vietnam version of Flames of war.
 Now these poor chaps have been based and part painted before, then removed and cleaned up.Then they were abandoned for a few years. This is mainly due to the fact i have never been very happy with them, the sculpting is poor, the undercuts are too big leaving very fragile models, and the flash that was on them was bordering on ridiculous.
However, with the fact i had finished there opponent (the PAVN) last year, i felt obliged to do at least a basic paint job on them. This is not the complete force, i have some more that require attention before the brush goes near them.
I intend to finish them off next week and get a picture of them with the helicopters i painted a few years back.

A small but needed push towards my total

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Star Wars Rampant

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a really bad dude was looking for some rebels.

After painting up my little stormtroopers and rebels i needed something for them to do.

I have seen many rules that are sci fi orientated and others but a certain amount of disbelief was also required.

I am getting too old and lazy to learn more rules so i decided to try and use Dragon Rampant.

I really enjoy the simplicity of them and with a bit of imagination they can be turned to almost anything, with of course maybe a few house rules.

So here it is, the first of hopefully many adventures in the Star Wars universe.

The evil empire

Lord Vader = elite foot(sith) with invisibility and hatred of jedi 10 points
stormtrooper squad = light missiles 4 points x 2
stormtrooper support gun crews = light missiles with sharpshooter 6 points
24 points

The rebel alliance
Captain Solo's squad = lesser warbeast with flame attack 6 points
rebel commandos = light foot with mixed weapons 5 points x 2
rebel heavy weapons squad = heavy missiles 4 points x 2
24 points

The coin toss made the imperium the defender
Mission rolled The pot boiler.

 The starting positions, Empire in the middle of the table, Rebels appearing from the table edges.

 Instead of the 'pot boiler' scenario this was re-imagined as the empire have rounded up the locals for interrogation, and will at the end of the turn have disposed of them one by one.

Captain solo leads the advance towards the evil empire, with both commando squads following on, his comm link goes down and the support weapons fail to get the order.
Vader is immediately aware of the situation and advances on Solo's squad, the support squad open fire on the commandos.

 Captain Solo gets distracted by his broken comm link and fails to give any orders....

Lord Vader attacks and pushes back Solo killing 3 rebels in the process.

Captain Solo judges the better part of valor is in retreat, and hastily departs the scene, causing a commando and a support unit to run with him.

The remaining commandos desperately take a stand, causing a few casualties before being captured.

Well, that was quick and deadly, in reflection it may look as if the empire had the advantage from the beginning with the uber tough Vader, but it was actually very poor dice from the rebels that blew away there chance of victory.

I will stick with the stat lines i have for the moment, and see how it goes, and adjust things if needed.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more adventures soon.....

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

AHPC multiscale bunker

Not a lot of painting this week, but i did finish off this 28mm scale sci fi bunker that has been lying around for at least 2 years.

When i started painting it, i had some big ideas, but then i realised if i leave off details i could use this for several scales.

It is fairly basic and i cant remember what i bought it for or from whom.

The interior has had a basic grey painted inside, nothing fancy here.

And here it is next to some (not part of the challenge, except the biker in another post) miniatures. It will be a small bunker in 28mm, a moderate bunker in 15mm, or my personal favourite a semi-enclosed outpost in 6mm.

This was a very basic paint job and as the model would probably only fill half of the 6 inch cube i am happy to accept 10 points at judges discretion.

Hopefully something more exciting in the next post.

Thank you for looking.

15mm ork gobsmasha

The painting challenge has really spurred me on to get the forgotten miniatures and projects pushed forward.

This is my entry for the bonus round BFG(big freakin gun).

It is my scratch built Ork Gobsmasha gun tank, which certainly has a big freakin gun. This has been an idea i have had for a while. I first built one out of card with coffee jar lid wheels when plans for it were published in White Dwarf probably late 80's, when they did cool stuff like that.

This model was built using plasticard cut to size to be roughly 15mm scale, as i have no intention of making it 28mm, my 40k will be 15mm. The wheels were made by scratch building one wheel using spare round bases and plasticard, then making a rubber mould and casting them in resin. The crew ladder was a spare part from an abandoned railway carriage model kit, the exhaust is a barrel in halves with plasticard tubing out the top. Top hatches are left over from various kits.

A simple paint job, some Orky decals and light weathering and its done.
The build was done pre-challenge, and it has sat in an undercoated state for around a year.

To show its size, i painted 1 Skinnerz biker from Vanguard miniatures on a 40mm by 20mm base. If time allows i may paint more to get my points up.

Thank you for looking.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Flotsam and Jetsam

This weekend has seen one big miniature completion already, but i did squeeze in some poor figures that have been floating around the desk for ever.

Here we have 2 ladders and 2 battering rams i have had since warhammer 3rd edition.
The viking is for scale purpose.

They were fixed to the bases this way so they could be placed inside a unit so as to appear as if they were being carried. The ladders also conveniently will appear as if leaning against a wall.
They came with a covered battering ram in the box set, this may appear later in the challenge.

Next up we have a dark age warrior from west wind, 3 villagers from midlam, and another plastic gripping beast viking(i will finish all of them one day, i promise).

The west wind model is very nice but they are always on the big side for 28mm.

The villagers from midlam are nice enough. I did notice that both the gents have what appears to be a beard on one half of there face only, i thought it was meant to be a pony tail on the figure with the hat but pitchfork man has it too. As they are from a fantasy range it may be from story or something, if you know please enlighten me.

Thank you for looking.

If you go down to the woods today

It has been a busy time in the attic this weekend, so a few items have been painted.

This first entry for the week was going to be kept back for the 'monstrous bonus round' but i finished it earlier than planned, so here it is.

This model is the Witchwood from the Grymkin range by Privateer pres for the game Hordes.
It is used in the game to lure enemy models to their doom.

I have wanted to paint this model ever since i bought it but the push to do so was not coming.
Thankfully the challenge has brought it back, and i am back in love with painting.

For judges decision of points the tree is 65mm tall, and the alluring witch is a standard 28mm miniature.

Thank you for looking.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Rebel commandos

As the painting challenge has started again i went back over the miniatures that i did not get finished before the deadline.

So here we have some rebel commandos and of course a few characters to lead them.

The troopers are from Khurasan miniatures and used to be painted as a generic sci-fi force.

 Here are the leaders, they are slightly larger models than the others but this helps make them stand out on the table.

 I dont think they are available anymore.

And a reminder of who they will face, Lord Vader and his minions, supported by 2 walkers which are die cast models repainted.

Hopefully a small battle report may appear soon.

Thanks for stopping by.